Government Clients

From planning to public outreach, VPC staff serves Federal, state, and local governments with innovation and efficiency. For over 10 years, VPC has supported FEMA’s efforts in working with communities to identify and understand risks associated with natural disasters and to become better prepared to face them. We are committed to providing technical assistance to communities and developing action-oriented plans to improve community well-being and resiliency.

 VPC prides itself in supporting:

  • FEMA FIMA’s Grants Management Modernization (GMM) program – Provided technical assistance in developing performance metrics and trend data for HMA grant programs to provide deep insights to FEMA leadership and external stakeholders on the modernization of various FEMA grant programs.

  • FEMA’s RiskMAP (Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning) - Worked collaboratively with State, local, and tribal entities to deliver quality data that increased public awareness, informed decision making, and actions to reduce risk to life and property.

  • FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Technical Assistance Program (HMTAP) - A&E and Non-A&E Contracts - Provided technical assistance for all phases of emergency response including preparedness, mitigation, and recovery planning.

  • FEMA's Technical Assistance and Research Contracts (TARC) - Provided mitigation planning, coordination, education and outreach support, as appropriate to support the development of studies, guides, publications and training material.

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