How safe are hospitals during a disaster? CMS’ New Rule Impacts Healthcare Organizations Across the

When a disaster hits a community, there is not a more vulnerable population than patients in healthcare facilities who, without choice, rely entirely on their healthcare providers for their personal and medical needs. While the facility may offer premier care to its patients, its healthcare workers may or may not know how to properly care for their patients during an emergency situation such as a natural or man-made disaster. Shouldn’t the individuals responsible for patients’ care, also be responsible for their safety during an emergency? Until now, the majority of healthcare emergency preparedness programs have been instituted by healthcare facilities that provide emergency medical care (i

VPC to Develop Historic Preservation Focused Hazard Mitigation Strategy for Talbot County’s Four Wat

VPC was selected by the Historic Preservation Commission of Talbot County, Maryland, to develop a hazard mitigation strategy that comprehensively assesses the flood vulnerability of historic resources in four of Talbot County’s villages: Tilghman, Neavitt, Newcomb, and Royal Oak. VPC is working closely with the County and the Maryland Historical Trust on this Plan, to ensure any actions taken to protect these cultural resources from flood waters do not endanger the buildings eligibility for listing on the State or National Historic Registries. VPC identified 25 representative historic properties for the villages that are at high risk to flooding based on the 100 and 500-year storm flooding o

VPC Awarded Disaster Planning for Historic Properties, Phase 2 Contract for Four Pennsylvania Counti

Vision Planning and Consulting (VPC) was awarded the contract by the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission (PHMC) to develop a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, with special attention to flooding related hazards, for historical properties and resources. This project was PHMC’s Phase 2: Historic Property Vulnerability Assessment, Hazard Mitigation Strategy Development, and Plan Integration for four counties in the Commonwealth: Bedford County, Cameron County, Monroe County, and Philadelphia. Flooding is Pennsylvania’s most common and highest ranked natural hazard, thereby making the protection of historic properties and cultural resources in the floodplain, a high priority for the PHMC. In t

VPC gives back to Today's Youth – Tomorrow’s Leaders

As part of her volunteer efforts with Leadership Howard County, Deepa Srinivasan spent a fun afternoon with Leadership U students at the Bain Senior Center. The Leadership U class of 2017 comprises 50 students from Howard County’s public, private, and home schools. The students toured the Bain Senior Center, learned about the programs and amenities offered, and listened to a presentation on mental illness by NAMI, which resulted in an engaging discussion. Leadership U is a program that empowers rising high school juniors to learn by doing. Students work in teams to discuss, reflect upon, and develop solutions for problems that affect them and their peers in the community. They also develop m

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