VPC’s mission is to work cohesively with clients and partners to help communities reduce risk and improve resiliency. Our team members are committed, community-centric people with a keen sense of how to better create a ‘safer sense of place.’ We are a team of emergency management, GIS, planning, outreach, grants management, and graphic design professionals who are committed to precision and excellence in serving our clients, public ,and the government. Our staff members are dedicated and motivated individuals, who also play active roles in their communities; serving on planning boards, design review committees, homeowner associations, and various non-profit boards.

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Deepa Srinivasan, AICP, CFM


Ms. Srinivasan is the Founder and President of VPC. She brings over 20 years of planning experience and directs all planning, outreach, disaster management, grants management, and web design work for federal, state, and local clients. 

Ms. Srinivasan’s focus is on integrating smart growth with safe growth principles to improve disaster resiliency in communities. Ms. Srinivasan is a Certified Planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM). 

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Pat Pathade, PMP


Mr. Pathade serves as Chief Technology Officer and has over 30 years of experience of providing software solutions that leverage his strong engineering background. He is a certified Salesforce Cloud Consultant and Drupal Consultant and specializes in enterprise architecture.  

Mr. Pathade is an expert in multiple languages and platforms including: .Net, PHP, JavaScript, TML, CSS,  Drupal, jQuery, Salesforce, MySQL, Linux, and SharePoint.

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Ashley Samonisky


Ms. Samonisky serves as the Emergency Management Planning Specialist and Project Manager and has over 10 years experience with a Public Safety background. She specializes in Hazard Mitigation Planning, Post-Disaster Response and Outreach, and Special Events Planning.

Ms. Samonisky has served as the Outreach Subcommittee Chair for the Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) and continues to support the organization.

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Andrew Estrain

Mr. Estrain serves as a Resiliency and Hazard Mitigation Planner and QA/QC Specialist.

Mr. Estrain has a Master's Degree in Geography with a focus in Regional Planning. He provides his expertise in Hazard Mitigation Planning, Land Use Planning, Historic Preservation Planning, and Environmental Planning.

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Alexander Krupp


Mr. Krupp is an Environmental Protection Specialist with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science & Policy. He came to D.C. to support responsible government and more green-thinking communities. Mr. Krupp provides Environmental Planning, Emergency Management, and Environmental Literacy expertise.


Mr. Krupp has worked with non-profits such as Environment Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, conducting research on water quality and ecology.

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Nick Colmenares, PhD.


Dr. Colmenares has an eighteen-year track record of successfully improving the strategic planning, operations, and project/program management practices of disaster management agencies, businesses and university research centers.


Dr. Colmenares is a member of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association, the Society for Applied Anthropology, and the International City Managers Association.

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Kevin Chura


Mr. Chura serves as a Junior Planner providing service in the areas of emergency management, hazard mitigation planning, emergency operations planning, and meeting and workshop planning and facilitation.


Mr. Chura has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Management and provides coordination, organizational, inter-agency communications, and logistical support to the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance at the U.S. Department of the Interior. 

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