VPC to Develop Historic Preservation Focused Hazard Mitigation Strategy for Talbot County’s Four Wat

VPC was selected by the Historic Preservation Commission of Talbot County, Maryland, to develop a hazard mitigation strategy that comprehensively assesses the flood vulnerability of historic resources in four of Talbot County’s villages: Tilghman, Neavitt, Newcomb, and Royal Oak. VPC is working closely with the County and the Maryland Historical Trust on this Plan, to ensure any actions taken to protect these cultural resources from flood waters do not endanger the buildings eligibility for listing on the State or National Historic Registries.

VPC identified 25 representative historic properties for the villages that are at high risk to flooding based on the 100 and 500-year storm flooding occurrences, and how they will be affected by projected sea level changes. These Historic properties include homes or residences of various building types (Cape Cod, Bungalow, etc.), commercial buildings such as a local market, a historic town hall, and a small rural church.

For each type of property, VPC developed mitigation actions that not only address current flooding risks, but also protect the buildings from future sea level rise in the years 2050 and 2100. The mitigation strategy contains actions as simple as planting trees and vegetation, to more complex actions such as floodproofing crawlspaces, or relocating a building.

Historically, cultural resources have not been given the consideration in hazard mitigation plans that they both need and deserve. VPC is proud to lead this project, which highlights the value these historic resources contribute to the County, as well as the importance of maintaining their cultural integrity while protecting them from natural hazards.

VPC understands the importance of preserving such historical places and remains dedicated to helping cities, counties, states and agencies protect their valued historic and cultural resources.

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