VPC Facilitates 2017 Howard County Mitigation Plan Update Joint Steering Committee Meeting

Vision Planning and Consulting (VPC) facilitated the first of four Joint Steering Committee (JSC) meetings in Howard County for the Flood and Hazard Mitigation Plan (FMP/HMP) Updates at the George Howard Building on December 7, 2017. VPC Team members presented: the project purpose and background, key players and steps in the planning process, schedule, and a preview of the risk assessment, plan integration efforts, and mitigation action development.

The JSC then participated in a Goals and Objectives exercise and evaluated each goal and objective from the current Flood and Hazard Mitigation Plans, for clarity, cohesiveness, and relevance.

VPC will meet with the JSC again in early February 2018 to discuss findings of the hazard identification and risk assessment. These findings will then be presented at a public meeting in late-February.

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